Networking workshop
Boy Hennevelt, Utrecht University – The Netherlands

Boy Hennevelt is a study advisor in the Faculty of Science, Graduate School of Natural Sciences of the University of Utrecht. He also hosts career orientation workshops which he will also do during our Symposium.The job market offers innumerable possibilities. Do you know how to find organizations and jobs that suit your profile? In this workshop you will learn how to get a better understanding of organizations. Furthermore, you will also learn how to use and improve the network you belong to. When you complete this workshop, you will gain a better understanding of how to approach the job market and will be more aware of the potential of your own network. As a result, you will approach prospective employers with greater confidence.

This is a 1-hour version of Career Services 2,5 hour workshop. Check if you’d like to learn more about the job market, networking or other career related topics

Scientific Communication
Dr. Stefanie de Poot, Genmab – The Netherlands

Stefanie de Poot is a senior scientific writer at the biotech company Genmab, which is specialized in the creation and development of antibody therapeutics for the treatment of cancer. After completing her PhD in 2013 in tumor immunology at the Infection & Immunity Graduate School at Utrecht University and four years as a KWF post-doctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School (Boston, US) and the University Medical Center Utrecht, Stefanie made the switch from academia to industry to pursue her passion for scientific communication. As a scientific writer, she translates the preclinical science performed at Genmab into study reports, manuscripts, posters, presentations, regulatory documentation, and patent examples. She strongly believes that science never needs to be boring; it simply needs to be told in the most engaging way.

Art and the Life Sciences: Transdisciplinary research on immunology. 

Dra. Maro Pebo, Waag Future Lab – The Netherlands

Maro Pebo is a curator and artist specialist in the cultural dimensions of biology and medicine. Ph.D. in Creative Media, MA in Critical and Gender Studies. Her transdisciplinary work complements and transforms the life sciences’ responsibility to think about the materiality of the living. Her work has been exhibited, presented, and published internationally. Her current research lines are, on the one hand, endosymbiosis, or how species evolve and survive together in trans-species relations, and on the other, the biopolitics of the microbiome. Born in Mexico City and based in the Netherlands, Maro Pebo currently curates exhibitions, projects, and events in art and science at Waag Futurelab. At Waag she develops learning situations where artist-led research supports critical perspectives on technoscience.


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