Dr. Alex Cloherty


Alex Cloherty is a Canadian award-winning science communicator. In 2016, she moved all the way from Canada to Utrecht to do her Master’s in Infection & Immunity, in which she also became the chair of the 2017 I&I Symposium: I&I Global Health Politicised. After obtaining her PhD in Immunology in 2023 from the University of Amsterdam, she chose to leave academia and follow a science communication career path. Aside from her studies, she started her Microbial Mondays Blog as a Master student which has grown to have over 100 blog entries. Now, Alex is an ambassador for the TOPX Network for women in life sciences as well as a marketing manager for BioLizard. She strongly believes that science can only have a positive impact when it is well communicated and then critically understood. 

Prof. Dr. Daniela Salvatori

Dr. Tuur Leeuwenberg and Dr. Anne de Hond


Anne de Hond pursued her master’s degree in Econometrics at the Erasmus School of Economics. After graduating, she did her PhD in clinical data science at Leiden University Medical Center. Tuur Leeuwenberg obtained his master’s degree in Language and Communication Technologies and conducted his PhD in machine learning at KU Leuven. Currently, they are both assistant professors at the Julius Center of UMC Utrecht. They work on different data science-based topics, such as clinical prediction modeling and clinical AI validation. 


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