2023 Committee

We are a group of Infection and Immunity students from Utrecht University, dedicated to organise our yearly symposium. We have been working hard on the preparations needed to organise this symposium. We will be doing our best to accommodate you and make everything run as smoothly as possible during the symposium as well.
The 2023 I&I symposium committee consists of:

  • Lars Braad – Co-chair
  • Nanouk Zuidmeer – Co-chair
  • Annefien Tiggeler – Vice-chair
  • Elise Kuipers – Treasurer
  • Eva Tunderman – Vice-treasurer
  • Sümeyye Özhan – Secretary
  • Nienke van Dam – Commissioner
  • Raghuvandhanan (Raghu) Kumarasamy Sivasamy – Commissioner
  • Anisa Landman – Commissioner

From left to right (top): Eva, Nienke, Sümeyye, Nanouk, Annefien (Bottom): Anisa, Raghu, Elise

Not pictured: Lars

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