2011 – To Cure the Incurable

17 & 18 November 2011 Speakers Dr. Jolanda Smith – Immature dengue virus: A veiled pathogen? Prof. dr. Dirk Elewaut – New insights in modulating NKT cell function using altered glycolipid antigens Prof. dr. Bart Roep – The role of T cells in diabetes assessing human cellular immune responses, autoantigen identification, and islet allograft rejection Dr. Astrid van der Saar – Zebrafish embryos as an infection model for tuberculosis Prof. dr. Victor Nizet –  Innate immune resistance mechanisms of invasive human streptococcal pathogens Life Science seminar Prof. dr. Kai Matuschewski – Malaria and the liver: rational development of a whole-organism vaccine Workshops  Prof. dr. Emmanuel Wiertz – Viral immune evasion: lessons in immunology Prof. dr. Jos van Strijp  & Pharmaceutical company Danone – Future perspectives in research  

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