2014 – The great escape

20 & 21 November 2014


Prof. dr. C.G. Figdor – Dendritic cells in cancer-immunotherapy:”Next steps to take”

Prof. dr. G. Lindahl – Escape from innate and adaptive immunity by Streptococcus pyogenes: role of M protein

Prof. dr. T.R. Brummelkamp – Haploid genetic cell screening in host-pathogen biology

Dr. L. Perié – Deciphering the hematopoietic pathway at the signe cell level: results from cellular barcoding

Life Science seminar

Prof. dr. W.A. Paxton – CCR5 and HIV-1 resistance



Prof. dr. W.A. Paxton – Genotypes and phenotypes associated with transmission

Prof. dr. G. Lindahl – Role of M protein

Career development workshops  

Prof. dr. G. Pasterkamp – Innovation and valorization

CLS services – Applying for a job is fun!


Tropical diseases