2013 – The untold stories of I&I

21-22 November 2013


Dr. Maria Yazdanbakhsh – Human helminth infections and their bag of tricks

Dr. Michiel Pegtel – When a  virus in control looses over its exosome

Dr. Peter Peters – Prion uptake in the gut: idication of the first replication sites

Eijkman seminar

Dr. Nicoletta Cieri – T memory stem cells at teh crossroad between protective and harmful immunity

Utrecht Life Sciences Seminar

Dr. Jan Liese – Intravital imaging of host-pathogen interactions during Staphylococcus aureus skin infection


Dr. Peter Peters – The history and molecular mechanisms of prions

Dr. Nicoletta Cieri – Harnessing T cell immunity against cancer: tools, trials and tribulations


Tropical diseases